About us
Horner's Salon
Before and After

  • Complete brushout
  • Special Shampoos (for dry, itchy skin)
  • Trimming/Styling scissor finish
  • Flea and Tick Treatments
  • Pluck hair from the ears
  • Nails paints
  • Cologne, bandanna and/or bows (unless owner declines)
  • Teeth

First we bathe:

Shampoo/Conditioner: We use all natural, nontoxic shampoo and conditioner, which leaves your pet smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

Anal Glands: This is only done externally.

Drying: We dry all pets thoroughly.

Second we groom:

Brushing: We thoroughly brush your pet’s coat to remove minor knots, dead hair and undercoat. De-matting and extra brushing charges may apply. We make sure your pet leaves clean and free of matt's.

Clip hair: Depending on what type of hair.

Pads Trim: Not everybody knows this but, we include trimming the hair in between the pads of the paws.

Sanitary Trim: We clean and trim under the tail and between the inside of the legs.

Ear Cleaning: We swab the ears with ear cleaner and cotton. Some pets may need hair plucked from the ear canal if needed.

Peticure: We clip/file the nails if necessary. $12 for walk-in.

Selvin's Mini Dachshund, Dexter. :)