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     Kelli Horner launched Horner's Corner on March 15, 2007. She was a professional groomer in Maryland for 14 years before relocating to the Northern Virginia. Kelli is married to Mark Horner and has two children, Tabatha and Hadley. She also has two dogs: Chico, a Pomeranian, and Gina, a Mini Schnauzer. Kelli loves her career as a groomer and is a perfectionist who wants her clients to go home looking their best. She feels that her customers get the best of treatment when they bring their pets to Horner's Corner because they can not only have grooming services but receive her care in a clean and loving environment.

    Selvin Hernandez started in February 2012, since then he started to love it here. He loves animals of all types dogs, cats etc. Selvin's job is to make sure that Kelli and her clients are happy. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy.

Mini Schnauzer- Gina     Pomeranian- Chico