Kelli Horner

Launched Horner's Corner on March 15, 2007. She was a professional groomer in Maryland for 14 years before relocating to the Northern Virginia area. Kelli is married to Mark Horner and has two children, Tabatha and Hadley. She also has four Mini Schnauzers and a Mini Schnauzer/Poodle: Joop, Gina, Ozzy, Apollo, and Dodger (Schnauzer/Poodle).

 Kelli loves her career as a groomer and is a perfectionist who wants her clients to go home looking their best. She feels that her customers get the best treatment when they bring their pets to Horner's Corner because they receive her care in a clean and loving environment. 

Alyssa & Lola

Alyssa has worked for Kelli on and off for almost 10 years. Working with dogs has been a constant throughout that time and she believes working with dogs is good for the soul. 

Lola is a Norfolk Terrier/Bulldog mix and can be found playing with most of the dogs that walk into Horner's Corner.

My Dogs

Gina is my oldest and she's the queen. She is always bossing my other dogs around.

Joop always has a ball in his mouth and is really quiet while studying everbody's movements.

Dodger is either watching TV, running around causing havoc, or swimming in the pool.

Apollo wants to be in the middle of everything. He likes to play, kiss and snuggle.

Ozzy is a follower you can find him doing whatever everyone else is at the time.